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T-2 hours

Before my house is filled with 15+ people for the next 7 days.

This is going to be the fucking MOST !

I love when my family comes out but this is the first year they’re coming out when I have a job !
And I don’t have an off day until Saturday , and I work 7 and 8 hour shifts all the week.

This is going to be pretty damn Interesting

But I’m excited to turn the fuck up the next 7 days while they’re here !!!!


Fuck furniture shopping.
Fuck having to take apart a bed.
Fuck living in a tri level house.
Fuck having to move the bed downstairs.
Fuck having to move the new bed upstairs.
Fuck having to put the new bed together.
Fuck having to put the old bed back together downstairs.

Because my back hurts so fucking bad I want to cry , I want to scream, uugghh 😩😭

And I have to work tomorrow for 8 hours and stand all damn day

:”/ and my new mattresses won’t even be here until Tuesday so I can’t even sleep in my own room :”/

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